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Welcome to Direct Hotels and Apartments. Whether you’re coming to us as a guest, corporate client, investor or potential employee, we hope that it’s like finding your perfect match.

We understand you because we are you. We may be new, but we come from a strong foundation of business, property management, investment and travel.

When you get the chance to stay Direct you will discover an unrivalled experience in meeting the needs of the business and holiday traveller. When you invest in a property managed by Direct you’ll experience a level of understanding and support not seen before. When you work for Direct you’ll feel like you’re going to see your family not your workmates.

As a client, investor or employee of Direct you’ll think we read your mind, because we get you and what you need. In a way, we have.

Why Direct Hotels and Apartments?


We’re a dispersed bunch us Aussies, and when we work or play we have a fair way to go to get, well, anywhere. When our friends from overseas come to visit it’s not simple to move from one city to another.
The distance means we spend longer in those locations and, let’s be real, we have some amazing locations to stay; and why would we want to cut that short?

But we also know that working or playing hard, especially if we’re staying longer, means that it’s the little things that matter. We don’t just want an easy check in process, we want to know we have our every need thought of and people willing to help. We want more than just a room to stay in; we want to live our lives and fill it full of wonderful experiences.

The challenge is that while the serviced apartment model is rapidly growing here in Australia, it’s still highly fragmented. We want to know we can go and stay in our favourite towns with more than just ‘knowing what we’re going to get’ from the bland corporate players at the top end, to the mixed bag of single operators. We want to get excited knowing we are going to stay and be looked after by people like us. People who get what we need as a business traveller, as couple getting away or as a family sharing that rare time together.

We’re going to change the world

Ok, not the entire world, but we can change yours a little. If you stay with us, we can change it one night at a time. If you invest with us, we can change it by offering security and longevity and asset protection. If you work with us you can be whatever you desire to be if this is the space you are passionate about.

How do we make such claims? Because it’s what we do in all our businesses.

We have risen out of a diversified group of companies that have spent many years working with residential property investors and in the operation of property management and management rights. With teams across the state of Queensland and a deep understanding of market need and demand, we research, live, invest and stay in the towns and cities we target so we know what we miss and we want from accommodation and an investment. Direct Hotels & Apartments is a targeted, strategic and large play into a fragmented market where a select few have dominated yet missed the mark.

We value people above everything else in business. Success in other areas of our Group has come from delivering to client and customer needs in a way that they become raving fans. Word of mouth has been a potent multiplier which can only occur if you deliver more than what people expect.

We are able to deliver this because our teams love what they do, believe in what they do and are thankful for the business our clients bring.

Our management is about empowerment. We believe in exceptional systems and processes to deliver excellence and efficiency, but they are worthless without great leaders, experts in their fields, and an inspired team to execute them.

We encourage innovation. We encourage laughter. In fact we’re so serious about what we do, we love it!

We also believe in being profitable and that comes from having an amazing, qualified team, with exceptional ability, experience and desire to utilise the best operating systems and process to make those that stay and invest with us have as much fun as we do as they embrace the Direct way.

It’s an incredibly hard thing to do. We know this, because it’s what we have done and continue to do in our other businesses. Why are we different, because we’re ‘real people’. We’re just like you.

This is your time

If you travel, so do we. We know it’s tough and no more so than in the areas we target as there is an undersupply of this type of accommodation which means it’s hard to get what you want and the level of satisfaction you deserve and are looking for in your price, experience and time. We have a solution for that.

If you invest, so do we. We never recommend a venture or investment in any region we’re not involved in ourselves. We put our money where our mouth is. We offer great returns, because we know it’s what you need to continue to grow your portfolio, yet we can do it and still be profitable. Why, because it’s what we do and have always done.

If you work in this space and its ‘just another job’, you’re doing it wrong. We’re passionate about what we do and we want more people on our team who love the industry and are willing to be equipped and to grow with us.
We have, and continue to seek and develop the right experienced professionals, leading systems and process and the right projects in the right markets at the right time. Direct Hotels and Apartments is the vanguard of a new change, a new era and a new experience in serviced apartments, hotels and resorts.

Reserve your opportunity to stay, invest or work with Direct Hotels and Apartments today.